UZZ32 Active Suspension Test Procedure

engineDiagnosticPortE1TcEs.jpg (33747 bytes) This is the engine diagnostic port - connect terminals E1, Tc and Ts together to put the car into suspension test mode.
I bent this piece of wire to connect the three terminals together - I keep it in the centre console. testwire.jpg (10117 bytes)
FashingDash.jpg (9575 bytes) Once the wire is in place - start the car - the warning lights will start to flash and you'll get that white square in the bottom part of the dash.
With the engine running, turn the suspension switch off 9 times (leave it on) - you may hear the car make a small pumping fluid noise - it may even change attitide ever so slightly. suspensionOnOff.jpg (27978 bytes)
UZZ32high.jpg (47395 bytes) Hop back in the car and put your foot on the brake - the suspension will start to cycle through the test - full high, low, side to side, front to back etc over and over. In this photo I have turned the engine off when in full high mode - makes it much easier to change the oil with the car  high - the spoiler at the front is too low to get a wheeled jack under, but with the car nice and high it's a piece of pie!

Note: The car will not return to normal ride height until you go for a drive - the car stays higher than normal after the test. If the car gets stuck in a funny position take your foot off the brake and let the car idle for a minute or so. Turn off. Remove short. Go for drive - this should make car go back to normal ride height.