UZZ32 rear bushes - only 20 sets!  

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July 2005

by Peter Scott

The 800 odd UZZ32 rear wheel steer Soarers have big control arms out the back - completley different to every other Soarer. One of the bushes is available new from Toyota, the other isn't - until now! My UZZ32 has worn rear bushes and the camber adjustment on the back wheels has maxed out - a sure sign the bush has failed and needs replaced. Every '32 will need this bush to maintain factory ride and control. I would strongly suggest that if you have a '32 then email Andrew promptly and order a set.

Andrew Vlamos

Well folks after a long wait they are finally finished and as you can see from the pics we put a lot of extra work into the dies in order to clone these to an exacting replica and here are the results of first two out of the ovens...these are best ever!!!!

The final price $275 inc gst worked out a little better than originally mentioned which is a bonus for all concerned. Once this batch are all sold any additional orders will be a special order and may cost a little more depending on numbers.
The bushes are now ready for shipping. Email me:

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