Join - Australian Lexus Soarer Club

Membership of the Australian Lexus Soarer Club
and our forum group at Soarer Central is totally free.

Please click on the link below to register as a member.

After you register with our forum; Soarer Central; remember to fill out your User Profile completely as
this allows other members to learn a little about you, and to know where in the World you are based.

This is important to let others in your area know that you are a club member and allow them to share data etc. with you.

There are some sections of the profile that must be completed.
These relate to your full name, locality, year make and model of car.

If these sections are not completed, or completed with non-sensicle data,
your name may be removed from the members database.

Forum registration is affected when a forum moderator approves your application.
An email is then sent to you to confirm your user name and log in details.

You are issued with a temporary password and then you can go to the forum, click on the 'profile' link.
This allows you into the 'User Profile' area where you can change your password, and complete your profile.

There is also the ability to upload an image of yourself or your car, to add further interest to the users profile area.

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