Performance Braking and induction kits

Cold Air Induction Kits to suit Toyota Soarer.

These kits are available to suit the standard air box of both the TT & V8 or with a pod air filter
And also available to suit a BMC Carbon Dynamic Air box for the TT as in image below.

Induction Kit BMC

Front opening
This front piece mounts behind the aluminium bar with the rectangular opening of the kit sitting behind the opening in the centre of the front bumper bar (under number plate)

Induction Elbow
This piece sits under the headlight and connects to a BMC CDA (or standard Air Box)

With this kit fitted the cold air is forced into the front opening and directed straight into the air box
It will also benefit the cars using pod filters as the kit will direct more than enough COLD air into the Pod filter so it will no longer be sucking HOT engine bay air

This 2 piece kit is available for $330

For more info email

Maltech Stainless Steel Brake Lines to suit Toyota Soarer / Supra.

Now fully approved for street use.

Steve Malkin now is able to offer his stainless steel brake line upgrade to suit all Soarers and SC 3/400's.

Each individual hose once made is then pressure tested to 3500psi and stamped with an identification number.
The set comes with:
                              2 front brake hoses
                              2 rear brake hoses
                              4 banjo bolts
                              8 copper washers
                              certification of ADR7 approval
Clutch Hoses are also available 

For a firmed, more progressive feel to your brakes, this upgrade is a must. When compared side by side with standard rubber hoses, the difference is literally chalk and cheese.

Steve is offering a release price special to ALSC club members of $345.00 per set inc GST +postage. Compare this to the RRP of $420 and this is a great deal!

Contact Steve or David Malkin by Email or phone to place your order.

Just released.........

Stainless lines with optional coloured boots.  Check out these little beauties.........

0418 378 939 or email: or

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