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ALSC South Australia Soarer meet, 

September 8th 2002 - Words/pics by Peter Scott - Shootout pics by   mystery girl (Andy's Partner?) -thanks! 

Large pics are available - email me

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Burnside Shopping centre 2pm - 17 SOARERS (Ed's Black V8 hadn't arrived for this photo - that's why only 16 here)

In Alphabetical order (Stuart's dark blue stock TT and my car pics in Shootout below) :
aAndyBB559C.jpg (14054 bytes)

Andy's TT - looks stock but goes hard.

aCraigWSB411.jpg (15847 bytes)

Craig's TT - this is a real nice car - one of the best condition TT's I've seen inside and out. The ALSC login board is next to him - that's how I remember everybody!

aEdWMN395.jpg (14454 bytes)

Ed's stock V8

aFrankWJN442.jpg (11904 bytes)

Franks TT, 17 inch alloys, turbo timer

aGeoffWRB507.jpg (20664 bytes)

Geoff's stock 1994 V8 - excellent condition - engine bay looks new

1st - longest distance, 450 km (280 miles)



aJimmyMGF180.jpg (14711 bytes)

Jimmy's stock TT

aLeonWRG576.jpg (23050 bytes)

Leon's V8, 18 inch rims, suspension height controller

1st - Peoples choice

1st - V8 hill climb

aMartinWRV740.jpg (11959 bytes)

Martin's TT, 256 cams, PowerFC, TEINS suspension, HKS cooler etc 258 kw (345 hp) at the wheels on standard turbos! Beautiful paint - super desirable motorcar.

2nd - Peoples choice

1st - Most Power


aMattTwin91.jpg (15870 bytes)

Matt's TT, exhaust, intake, B/V

aMikeWJI160.jpg (15095 bytes)

Mike's TT, alloys, exhaust, air pod, lowered

aMikeWRL997.jpg (16037 bytes)

Mike's stock UZZ30 V8. Twenty years ago Mike and I worked
together - took us 3 hours to figure out why we looked familiar!

aPeterKWGO685.jpg (10823 bytes)

Peter's UZZ30 V8 - Gold looks great and Pete's car is an excellent example inside and out.

aStan.jpg (9257 bytes)

Stan's 251 km/hr '31 V8, Apexi Rev Speed meter, 
exhaust, intake.

aWayneWNU103.jpg (12038 bytes)

Wayne's TT, Sard front bar, intake, exhaust, 18" alloys

1st - TT hill climb

aWilliamWSJ880.jpg (12075 bytes)

William's TT with 17 inch alloys

aaStansCustomIntake.jpg (22066 bytes)

Stan has made a custom sealed cold air intake 
plumbed to the front bar.

aaJimmyTV.jpg (17938 bytes)

Jimmy's aftermarket pop out TV in a TT

aaMartinsBlackEnginebay.jpg (22238 bytes)

Martin's TT uses standard airbox modified and standard turbos

aaNoBullshitLexusBadgeshere.jpg (21699 bytes)

About a 3/4 of the Soarers didn't have Lexus badges.

aacoffeecake.jpg (38055 bytes)

People's choice voting was done at Burnside with the presentation at Mt Lofty after a cruise up the Mountain.
Food and drinks here in Mt Lofty restaurant.


aaMikesTTdipstick.jpg (8804 bytes) Mike's TT dipstick clearly says Dexron II, BUT he too had the world infamous transmission shudder that disappeared after a 12 litre flush with Toyota Type IV transmission fluid. So Mike is another convert to type IV.
aamtlofty.jpg (14452 bytes)
A small section of the cars at Mt Lofty carpark - and the black lines weren't us!
aashootout1.jpg (12401 bytes)
After the greetings, the cruise, the eating, the drinking it was time for the SOARER SHOOTOUT. 
Fastest car up the mount to 100 km/hr wins. Here is Andy's TT launching - Peter K's gold V8 in the background.
Shootout rules were simple - you only get one chance 0-100 km/hr up the mountain with me in passenger seat timing on the stopwatch watching the digital dash. Not real accurate - but bags of fun - I get a ride in every car and everyone laughs, cheers and shouts encouragement -except the driver who sits there in grim determination-  sweat beading on the forehead ! TT's mid to high sevens, V8's mid to high tens - The TT's really leap away from the line.

aashootout2.jpg (28030 bytes)

Andy's TT on the return track - that's me in the passenger seat.

aashootout3.jpg (17975 bytes)

Stuart's TT taking off - that's Craig in the background taping the Melbourne/Kangaroos match for me. Never underestimate the importance of training before introducing complicated equipment to untrained audio technicians - It's my fault for not pointing out the Tape/Radio switch before giving him the full power of Record! So we got a tape of the footy instead of the first 7 Soarers.
aashootout4.jpg (20469 bytes)

Stuart cruising back down after his run through the Adelaide Hills

aashootout5.jpg (7952 bytes) William's TT going up...
aashootout6.jpg (11761 bytes)

and back...

aashootout7.jpg (18715 bytes)

The hectic start line

aashootout8.jpg (24053 bytes)
Some TT's are too fast for any camera!
aashootout9.jpg (19932 bytes)
Matt's TT about to go - Matt likes to warm up the tyres beforehand........
aashootout91.jpg (22847 bytes)
and he's away!
aashootout92.jpg (14326 bytes)

Leon's V8 - getting a bit dark for the camera. Listen here LeonV8run.mp3(96kb)

aashootout93.jpg (17056 bytes)

Geoff's immaculate V8

aashootout94.jpg (24793 bytes)

Craig's fabulous TT. Listen here: CraigTTrun.MP3(89kB)

aashootout95.jpg (22343 bytes)

Wayne King of the Mountain! Listen here: WayneTTrun.mp3 (77kB)

aashootout96.jpg (19149 bytes)

My V8 at the start line. Listen here: PeterV8run.mp3 (236 kB)

After my run I took some TT guys for a ride, Craig had a drive and loved the smoothness and preciseness of the Active through the hills. Then we all went for bit of a blast up and down, the TT's could destroy me off the line but I could get my own back through the twisties

It was a great day - good to see so many new faces with a zest for Soarers and life. Frank is going to find out about a track day at Mallala and Stan is looking at a long cruise to the Barossa. I'll be in Geelong for the West Coaster cruise (it's west of Melbourne see....) on October 20th and in Melbourne for the Super Charger meet on Nov 2nd 2002 - check the ALSC forum for details and let me know if you want to go too.

best regards

Peter Scott