ALSC Adelaide Meet - February 3rd 2002

It was great to see everyone at the meet. Wayne brought all the high tech gear to project the html Soarer presentation on CD I made using his laptop and smallest data projector I have ever seen. He also brought the video camera and spare batteries. It was good to hear everyone's Soarer story and meet the faces behind the names. Some owners have had there cars for three years no trouble (standard TT for example). I raved on for over an hour about the dyno day, previous ALSC meets, intakes and exhausts - plenty of people had lots to say.

Peter Scott gave a great presentation about the Melbourne meet as well as the ALSC Dyno Day results. Natasha took some great video of all the cars traveling up and down the hill. I'm sure some of this will appear on Peter's web site in the future. We intend to put the video, presentation and photos on a CD for the people who came. Lunch after was great, The Eagle on the Hill Hotel is located above Adelaide with great views of the city - very pleasant way to spend a day. Lots of information was exchanged. It was fantastic to hear the Soarers going for it up the hill. Peter's Active V8 sounds fantastic and the two dancing Actives were a great sight. - Wayne Looker

Just like to throw in my thanks to Peter S for making it an interesting and informative day. Peter is a mine of information regarding the Soarer, happily, he also has the ability to get this info across in such a way that even the most mechanically challenged can understand what he is talking about (most of the time).
- Peter Williams
Stan's White V8 has a custom Apexi Revspeed fitted, looks great. The Apexi meter is silver with the flash blue graphics screen and looks fabulous - In the corner of the screen is a small 242 km/hr (it remembers the highest speed!).
We got the two Actives on the day to do synchronised suspension tests - bags of fun watching the cars go up and down and side to side just like a ballet! - Wayne got it all on video.  
Matt's blue stock TT has been running faultlessly for three years. Peter Kerwin's Gold UZZ30 with chrome wheels looked great - very rare colour, sounded fabulous. Alexis has only just imported his white V8. 
Frank's blue TT (rear) was riding a bit high for his liking - only new springs can reduce the ride height on a TT. Compare to Leon's Air V8 (front) with suspension controller - here he has lowered it to the max (parked setting). When it's this low the big offset of the standard rims(50mm) are obvious with big gaps between the rims and the guards.
Wayne's 152 kW TT had the rare SARD nose cone fitted and 18 inch rims. Behind you can see Pete Williams V8 (now Apexi equipped and he has a NOS kit in the garage!)
BFI Workshop 101 - a quick look at the Big Intake on Peter Scott's Car. All took the opportunity to cut out some BFI templates. 
As usual Val (in his Yellow Active) was right up there during the filming of the Soarer video. 
Everyone was keen for the drive by and cornering videos - took about 45 minutes to make (or was it an hour?) before lunch. 

It went quickly as after we all pulled up in a line after a completed stage (or scene) there was more time for talk and comparing notes (while Natasha packed up and set off to the next location!).
First thing I noticed was that my car is the loudest by far. I have checked the audio tape of the downhill drive by and there is no way you can differentiate the 10 different Soarers by engine type - you can hear me take off from miles away, approach and zoom away followed by 9 whispering phantoms! 

I think some put the boot in too early and took the foot off going past the mike - really need to nail it all the way through. Pete Williams managed to make Natasha laugh with his cap waving and "Yeehaa" actions.

The last uphill run back to the Eagle gave a more pronounced audio tape as everyone had the foot down. I'll transpose this one to an MP3 file and see if you can pick the V8's from the TT's - very interesting.

There was lots of Kangaroo fillets being eaten at lunch - it's a very nice spot up there.

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