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Possible Great Northern August Meet Planned. Dependant upon the return of Robert Hayden to the UK...

Watch this space for details........


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**Great Northern Meet March 17th 2002

Firstly, thanks to all who braved the English Roads on a fine weekend and made the effort to attend the meet. And in true English tradition... Bollocks to those who didn't.

Great to see Bill and Anne again, likewise Richard and Cathy, and to meet new fellows like Jeff and Barrie. For those at home who don't know these guys, they really are good blokes (for Pommies).

Bill's car is still sporting the altercation with the truck which makes it look a bit second hand and although it normally sits rather low in the arse, was even worse this weekend with an additional 150Lbs of crap in the boot.

We went off for a wander up the Derwent Valley late Sat arvo and the roads could hardly be described as good. It was nice to be back in something with a little grunt and I proceeded to step it out slightly on the odd corner, and was intent on maintaining warp factor 9 between them.

This caused more than the occasional glare from Bill as I showered Richard in lovely stainless steel showers from Bill's exhaust. Apparently it was rather impressive from behind though.

We spun around and took the sedate road to the local watering hole where we ran into Kevin Speight and his lovely partner (wife! Whoops...) Christine.

Drinking into the wee hours, I finally dragged the wild mob out of the pub at a quarter to one, with the veiled threat of getting them up for an 8am breakfast start.

Bill isn't so good in the morning, especially following a night on the piss, so the rest of the crew picked up Kevin and Christine and headed out to explore the Peak district.

We arrived back at the Poachers pretty well spot on midday, and all these bastards wanted to do was throw keys at me. I finally sat down for dinner at a quarter to four after driving 6 or 7 out of the 8 cars at the meet.

Jeff's lovely silver blue (like Iain's) TT was a delight. Spotless inside and out but suffering what appears to be a standard Soarer complaint over here. It really does steer badly. Don't know where his settings came from, but it might as well be flammin' Mars. His car displayed lovely smooth power delivery and behaved impeccably. Given a new set of boots, and a good wheel alignment to Steve Cheetham's (Toyota) settings, this car is a winner.

Barrie's blue V8 suffers from similar problems and really is a nice, tidy V8 in an unusual flat dark blue colour. I can understand his twin passions of a lady in the USA and his lady on the road here, and his desire to combine the two. Next meet Barrie might bring his daughter, so that will control some of the other, more vocal, owners.

Harry Hall and his lovely wife Karen were there with their Metallic Red V8. Harry is being a bastard and refuses to give the Soarer to Karen, and is threatening to sell it for a diesel Merc!!!! Harry, if you keep it, contact Bill. I reckon he might be able to get his hands on a right rear tail lamp. Harry's car has been suffering a very fine vibration which only appears between 50 and 115 mph. Very difficult to diagnose although I suspect that it is either very old and hard lower front control arm bushes, or severely worn steering rack bushes. Throw out the restrictive exhaust and the car really is quite nice. And I didn't upset Karen on the test drive.

Richards car is just that. Richards car. Pedantically attempting to be perfect, and making a damn nice job of it too. Smooth, efficient power delivery, smooth as silk and immaculately presented. Sort of reminds me of another car I know, except that the other one has a MiNes and nicer wheels.

Running Steve Cheetham's settings, although with only 2 1/2 degrees of caster rather than 3 deg has all but perfected the handling of this car to Richards expectations and Cathy's liking. Apart from the frilly pink cushions on the back seat, the car is a joy to behold and even nicer to drive.

Nice to meet Melvyn and Brook. Melvyn's V8 is damn near running on the bump stops on the front and must be stuffing the internal strut bump stops, let alone be retuning a far from pleasurable driving experience due to the bump steer through the steering. He was off home to fiddle with his height rods and get the car back into a reasonable stance before applying a 'correct' set of wheel alignment settings to his front end.

Kevin Speight attended his first meeting with two of his prize possessions. His partner Christine, who enthralled me with her infectious sense of humour and her lovely lilting accent, and his 4700 metallic red fire breathing TT. On both counts, a very fortunate fellow!

Kevin's purchased his car back in November 2001 and hasn't yet explored the limits of its potential. As can often be the case, he was a little reticent to push the sucker too far, just in case it let go on him at a most inopportune time. Shouldn't be a problem any more. Lets just say that it handles perfectly, is beautifully balanced, has an impressive, constantly smooth delivery of power and stops pretty damn well to boot.

You might say that I opened his eyes a little. But that's a story for him to tell.

They make a lovely couple, no not Kevin and Christine.... Kevin and Bill. Shit the bastards can throw down some piss between them.

It really was a great weekend, good weather (read DRY), great company and great cars,, what more could a bloke want, except his wife after five weeks away mind you?......

See you in early August for the next meet?

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