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23 Nov 1998 Steven J. Janda
We have our own max.speed delimiter. It is a small box that connects to the Engine Control computer. It works well, I got booked at 191 km/hr on a freeway past Campbelltown.
25 Nov 1998 Automotive Concepts Inc
I have a tech-tip for you. I also own a SC400. 1995. Some SC400 and LS400 will have a 40 mph miss or stumble. Once above that or below, the problem is gone. Try cleaning the E.G.R. valve and filter. This will most likely cure the condition.
27 Nov 1998 S.Nakamura
If you have any info about GS300/400 security systems just let me know.
07 Dec 1998 Owen McDonald
Just purchased a 92 GTL in Pearl White 31000 genuine Km (no pics yet)
Have already added new wheels 16" * 8" 50mm offset with 245*50*16
Yokohama tyres. Wanted to keep the ride so no 17" or 18" wheels.
I'm interested in any info on these cars and want to share what I can
with others.
Does anyone know where to get timber look dress up kit for the
Also I get conflicting stories on the replacement of badges on boot lid.
Can this be done without painting the boot and if so how.
I have seen a car that seemed to have been done without paint (it took
less that 2 hours to do) but other people tell me this cant be done.
Can anyone advise me with this.
13 Dec 1998 Owen McDonald
I've have the cruise control delimited and I've fitted two 18Mhz FM modules
(one for each antenna) FM radio works quite well now. Seems to be better then a car I drove with only the main antenna moded. Its a bit of a pain to do the second antenna (different plugs etc) but its done now.
14 Dec 1998 Bob Devine
Do you by chance have interference in your
stereo system when pressing the trunk release or some other such switches?
I've noticed it in many of the soarers on the used lots here and both of my
soarers were so inflicted. if you've solved this little problem or know of
someone that has please let me know.
14 Dec 1998 Jorge
I want to modify the engine with some turbos and I have been studying
the engine manuals from Toyota. Philbert has been great help so far
since he kept me posted on the vehicles in Florida. He also mentioned
that he could get me BLITZ and TEIN products. I have to make a choice
soon on the wheels that I'm going to buy for the vehicle. I want 19"
wheels but locally its going to be a bit difficult to get the tires.
17" tires are abundant here but they are too small for this vehicle in
my opinion. 17" are small according to somebody that told me that he
should have bought 18" or bigger because the car looked wrong since the
gap between the fenders was too big.
15 Dec 1998 Jorge
Do you have a shift kit? I also I heard that it is necessary if you want to take full advantage of the electronically controlled transmission. I have to replace the
transmission pan anyways so I will install one soon. I'm weary of the
reliability of the transmission since it was not intended for max abuse.
I'm thinking of taking the friction disks apart and replacing them with
kevlar units, don't ask how but it can be done. I do want to retain the
original comfort though it would be a crime punishable by death to swap
trannys in order to gain performance. I was considering a conversion to
stick shift but I started thinking on the turbos and how nice it would
be to spool them up like a Grand National and letting the pedal of the
brake and launching smoothly and softly but accelerating so rapidly and
sequentially where the competition might seem more powerful but actually
impress the competition by providing awesome record speeds at the finish
15 Dec 1998 Robert Hayden to Jorge
The brakes off the GT Soarer 2.5 litre twin turbo can be fitted if you need really awesome anchors. Haven't heard of anyone touching the tranny. Same tranny in the four litre as the TT 2.5 so I wouldn't be too worried about breaking it. Still thinking of the twin turbos hey? What about a supercharger. Much smoother, no lag and none of the standard turbo feel of still accelerating through a corner even after you have backed off. I took a twin turbo to Sydney last month and just did not like the characteristics of the turbo at all. Twisty, tight mountain roads caused me more nightmares than fun. Give me a V8 anytime. I would certainly consider the supercharger though. Nice even power from go to whoa. That's what a car like these needs. They are too smooth to play around with if it can't be as good as the manufacturer intended.
Talking to the race guys down here, they say that I should expect 30-40 horses by grinding the cams and altering the valve timing. Next step is a custom built, tuned length set of extractors, and then stage three, when I'm feeling really sick, would be to supercharge it . Not with a Paxton, but with a custom manifold and a real roots blower, like on the Buick 3.6 litre V6. At this stage all I have is a standard air box with K and N filter, and the fuel pump. Next will be the exhaust. Oh! I have pulled out the two standard mufflers. I only run the cats and the two rear resonators.
17th Feb 1999 Scott Leahy
I recently purchased a '93 LS400. The colour of the car is Silver Taupe, with Taupe interior. The car is in great shape and I am very happy with my purchase. One area that could stand improvement is the handling. I tend to enjoy a car with sporty handling and the big Lexus is a little too soft. I am considering changing out the springs and shocks to something more sporting. I am considering Eibach springs and Bilstein or Tokico shocks. I'm looking to reduce roll in the corners, dive on braking, and overall stability, without creating a bone jarring ride. I'm wondering if anyone on the list has tried using sport springs and shocks on an LS400, and what were the results.
19th Feb 1999
A little known fact: there are stiffer springs available from Lexus. They are listed in the parts catalogue as "Guatamala springs" they were designed for the South and Central American markets were the roads are much rougher that here in the US. They offer a stiffer rider without effecting ride quality too much. Hope this helps.


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