The Soarer Bible
Jeff and Kumiko Harper have spent many, many long hours scanning, translating and compiling ream after ream of valuable information to produce The Soarer Bible.

Available on CD with over 18,000 pages of information on your Soarer. The single CD runs on an auto exec,
and is happy under Win 95 through to Windows XP.

The CD Contains:

  • Workshop manual for V8 USA model, in English
  • Workshop Manual for V8 and TT model, in Japanese
  • 'Quicky' Haynes type manual for the USA V8 and N/A 6 (SC300)
  • Free pile of Lexus Error codes
  • Does not have English for 4WS, Air Suspension, Active Suspension, the MVD or our dash.... but it does in Japanese with lots of drawings.

Here are some examples of the quality of data available on this CD:

$105.00, with $5.00 going to ALSC

DD, $84.00 for cash or Postal Order.

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