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Name and contact details: Goods for sale  trade:
Rob Hayden's garage sale.

Contact Rob on 0412 386 362 or email to

2 x drivers side beige sunvisors. No damage, just dirty.

$5.00 each

Front lower seat belt mount covers. Beige interior. No damage, no crushed plastic.

$5.00 pair.

Beige passenger window switch. Both clips perfect.


Beige gearstick base, unmarked.


Drivers side rear quarter window surround. Plastic okay and not broken, but covering a bit the worse for wear.
I rate this one 50%. Suitable for recovering if you were doing a trim job or colour change.


Beige interior lamp assembly complete.


Selection of mini sun visors.

$5.00 each

Pair of beige quarter window surrounds. No plastic damage, no nicks or cuts.
A couple of pressure marks from being stacked but these will come out naturally with a couple of days in the sun.

Suit those needing replacements due to damage or someone intent on a colour change.

I rate these 95% condition.

$80.00 each or $130 pair.

Pair of grey coloured TT sunvisors. Pretty dirty, but no apparent damage at all. Mirror is fine also.

$10 pair.

Twin Turbo auxiliary electric fan. Good condition, no broken or cracked blades.


Two left side rear quarter window surrounds. A couple of small marks and nicks, but all in all pretty nice. Rated 80%.

$65.00 each     One SOLD 10.11.2005

Another set of grey TT sunvisors. Same condition as those above.

$10 pair.

91 - 93 Soarer tail lights. Great condition.

Three LH and one RH available.

$90.00 each or $160 per pair.

Panel under glovebox with flare or torch holding clips.

Beige or spruce. Two beige, one spruce available.


Got a scratched or broken boot sill. I have three available.

$15.00 each.

LH side and RH side inner rear quarter trim. 2 Beige and 2 spruce available. Very good condition. No scratches, nicks or cuts.

$45.00 each.  One passenger side Spruce SOLD 10.11.2005

LH door switches to suit beige and spruce interiors. All clips intact.

$15.00 each.

'A' Piller cover.

Spruce pair 80%. A couple of tiny little nicks. No broken plastic. $30 each or $50 for the pair.

Beige pair 95%. Just dirty. No broken plastic. $40 each or $70 pair.

                              Watch this space for more bargains.



Steve or David Malkin

0418 378 939 or email: or


Check out the NEW Maltech cold air induction systems for the Toyota Soarer / Lexus SC 400 / Lexus SC300


Finally approved for street use. Steve Malkin now is able to offer his stainless steel brake line upgrade to suit all Soarers and SC 3/400's.
Each individual hose once made is then pressure tested to 3500psi and stamped with an identification number.
The set comes with:
                              2 front brake hoses
                              2 rear brake hoses
                              4 banjo bolts
                              8 copper washers
                              certification of ADR7 approval
Clutch Hoses are also available 

For a firmed, more progressive feel to your brakes, this upgrade is a must. When compared side by side with standard rubber hoses, the difference is literally chalk and cheese.

Steve is offering a release price special to ALSC club members of $345.00 per set inc GST +postage. Compare this to the RRP of $420 and this is a great deal!

Contact Steve or David Malkin by Email or phone to place your order.


Jeff Harper

Follow this link for more information.

Click HERE.


The Soarer Bible

Over 18,000 pages of information on your car. 

1CD, autoexec, runs on Win 95~XP Contains:

Workshop manual for V8 USA model, in English

Workshop Manual for V8 and TT model, in Japanese

"Quicky" Haynes type manual for the USA V8 and N/A 6 (SC300)

Free pile of Lexus Error codes.

Does not have English for 4WS, Air Suspension, Active Suspension, the MVD or

our dash.... but it does in Japanese with lots of drawings.

$105.00, with $5.00 going to ALSC, DD, $84.00 for cash or Postal Order.

Also available:

Engine Repair Manual 1JZ-GE, 1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GT, 2JZ-GTE

Wiring Loom and Connector Location (JZZ3#,UZZ3#,SC300,SC400 models)

Gavin Watson 
Mobile: 0407 020 096


Lexus Calliper Decals: 
Set of front and rear in White, Black, Silver, Gold and Red $20.00 Shipped anywhere in Australia

Soarer (word only) Calliper Decals: Set of front and rear in White, Black, Silver, Gold and Red $20.00 Shipped anywhere in Australia

Club Stickers: 
In White, Black, Silver, Gold and Red $7.00 each or 2 for $10.00 Shipped anywhere in Australia

4.0 GT-L with Griffin for window: 
In White, Black, Silver, Gold and Red $12.00

2.5 GT-T with Griffin for window: 
In White, Black, Silver, Gold and Red $12.00

4.0 GT-L with Griffin for under Limited Badge In White, Black, Silver, Gold and Red $25.00 a set

2.5 GT-T with Griffin for under Limited Badge In White, Black, Silver, Gold and Red $25.00 a set


Contact Barry Anderson on
0425 725989 or email

Soarer EMV stickers in English to cover the Japanese text.
$23.00 per set plus postage.


Soarer woodgrain dash and door  trim covers.
$236.00 mailed to your door anywhere in Australia.




Now Available!!

Andrew Vlamos from Brisbane has been hard at work. He can now supply an exact replica of the Toyota bushes for the lower control arms of your Soarer. These are identical. Right down to factory hardness, tension and torque characteristics. 

Made from spun steel and rubber, they are available for front and rear of the lower control arms.

Set of Four $370.00 + postage.

Contact Andrew for details.

Now Available - Rubber steering Rack Mount Bushes. Email Andrew for pricing.

If interested please Contact: 

0408226355 (Louis Tan)


Light Bulb(19605)

9005 Size HB3 Platinum Series Super White Head lamp replacement bulbs, 60watt=110watt output High Intensity Halogen, XTRA technology,Sold in pairs (two bulbs per pack).Postage included within Australia.

Approaches the brightness and intensity of H.I.D.

RRP: $250.00

Club Price:$190.00

Light Bulb(19615)

Xtreme White Technology 60w = 120w size 9005 HB3 style 12v Upgrade your bulbs for a brilliant Xtreme cool white light. The closest color yet to H.I.D. ( High Intensity Discharge ). with XTRA technology, sold in pairs only. 
One pair for this price (two bulbs)

RRP: $280.00

Club Price: $210.00

LED Park light

Blue and White Available, sold in pairs only. One pair for this price (two Bulbs)

RRP: $40.00

Club Price: $25.00

Club member order before 12th Feb.2003 extra $10 off for each set(PIAA Bulb)

Order for set of 4 Bulbs, Extra 20 off. Mean Quality PIAA Bulb for Magnificent SOARER. All of PIAA Model available for all sort of car

All products made in Japan only

Gordon Carlsen

Gordon's Car Audio & Security
590 Forest Rd, Penshurst. Sydney

Phone:02 9580 6234
Fax:    02 9580 6254

I can supply the DVD player for $389, which includes everything except the connecting rca's or I can offer a supply and fit deal of $580. Due to laws, I cannot offer to do the mod that allows the screen to operate while the car is in motion - not documented anyhow. I also believe I could ship one of these Aust wide for about $20, if required. I have include some pictures of the unit and such with this e-mail.