The best thing that ever happened to a Lexus V8. Supercharge it!

Back in the mid nineties, Japanese company C's created an Eaton M90 based supercharger to suit the Lexus / Toyota 4.0 litre V8. Originally built to fit the local Celsior (LS400) and Crown Majestic vehicles, it soon found it's way onto the Toyota Soarers fitted with the 1UZFE engine.

The image below is a reprint of an original C's advertisement for the supercharger kit. This image is quite large (255Kb) but is the only way for us to reproduce the detail required. If you have an understanding of Japanese and can translate the text, please post an e-mail to us and we will include the translation on this page.

A number of these units have been located, mostly fitted to Toyota Celsiors. A number were purchased and ended up in the SSS Garage in the UK where Steve Smith removed them and fitted them up to members Soarers.

To date only four units have been found fitted in Japan to Soarers. The first was a beautiful black 1997 V8 Limited that was imported into Australia in 2003 and now resides with a Dentist in South Australia.

Shortly after, a dark purple metallic coloured UZZ32 was purchased out of Japan by Rob Hayden, the founder of the ALSC and has now been lovingly restored to it's original splendour. This C's system, complete with C's ECU and MAP sensor was fitted by the JUN performance garage in Japan along with a custom 3" titanium exhaust system.

Recently a white UZZ30 was unearthed in Japan, and this car is also on it's way to Rob's shed in Melbourne. 

The fourth is on a green coloured UZZ31 that was last seen in Japan owned by a member of the Tokyo Soarer Club.

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In June 2006 we also located an even rarer beast. A fellow in Sabah, Malaysia has fitted a 1UZFE V8 into his Landrover and managed to source a genuine C's blower for it.

There have been a number of other attempts to produce supercharged variants of the SC400 and Soarer V8.  Custom kits are now being sold and installed by RUSH Imports in Canberra and Bullet Supercars on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

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