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Welcome to our NEW technical page.

As articles and information becomes available, we will post it to this page with a brief description of the content.

Information may be in a range of file formats and where possible we will endeavour to display these in the most common manner. Certain files may require the viewer to save them to their own drive(s) and open them using other software, like Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf), Corel Draw files (.cpt or .cdr), MS Word files (.doc) etc:

Certain information will also be compiled and published for viewers to easily download or print out. Ie: To print a copy of our Japanese dashboard warning translation, click HERE and follow the instructions on screen.

We urge all of our members and viewers to forward technical articles to us at as this is the best way for us to gather data of relevance to all. Images, Drawings and Documents of all type would be most welcome.

Click here for our new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Thanks to Harry Lemmens for compiling this data.

We have had a lot of information passed through from current owners and have compiled this data in our Newsgroup Pages.

Follow this link to read what other owners have asked relating to their Soarers.

**Newsgroup Pages

The following is a growing list of topics relating to specific issues with Soarers and Lexus SC 300 / 400 vehicles. 

Scroll down the list and click on the topic of interest to be linked directly to that page. At the base of each page there is a link button to return you to this page.

1.   In the market for a Soarer? Things to look out for!
2.   Air intake modifications and report.
3.   Soarer wheel alignment and geometry settings.
4.   Soarer Japanese dashboard translations.
5.   Extended warranty plans - the goods and the bads!!
6.   Air conditioner self diagnostics.
7.   Toyota Technical Pages (Huge array of PDF files relating to all aspects of Toyota Cars)
8.   Twin Turbo replacement DIY instructions.
9.   CD Changer removal.
10. Soarer steering wheel removal and refurbishment.
11. Fuse Box Translation. Japanese to English.
13. Soarer High Performance Brake Upgrade - By Emmanuel Spinola
14. TT ECU Connector Image.
15. A/C Panel globe replacement with LED's.
16. In search of the perfect bush!   or   Replacing your Soarer's worn front suspension bushes.  
     Bushes by Andrew Vlamos - Story by PG. Scott.
17. Supercharging your V8 Soarer or Lexus SC400.
18. Removing the Centre Console - Click HERE for a pictorial guide to removal of the centre console.
19. Repairing the combination meter. - Click HERE to see how to repair the combination meter.
20. Repairing Soarer Door Hinges.
21. UZZ31/32 TRC/ABS Master Cylinder Bleed - courtesy Peter Scott (
22. UZZ32 Valve Body Reseal - courtesy Peter Scott (
23. Cruise Control Delimiter - Soarer and Celsior
24. UZZ32 Active Computer Diagnostics - courtesy Peter Scott (
25. UZZ32 Toyota Factory Release Specifications
26. UZZ32 Nitrogen Accumulator - courtesy Peter Scott (
27. UZZ32 Nitrogen Accumulator Rebuild - courtesy Peter Scott (
28. UZZ32 Active Strut Rebuild - courtesy Peter Scott (
29. UZZ32 Active Suspension Test - courtesy Peter Scott (
30. UZZ32 Bleeding Hydraulic System - courtesy Peter Scott (
31. UZZ32 Nitrogen Level Diagnostics - courtesy Peter Scott (
32. UZZ32 Nitrogen Recharge - courtesy Peter Scott (
33. UZZ32 Rear Bush Replacement - courtesy Peter Scott (